Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don't call it a comeback...

The often lengthy intervals between entries in this blog have forced me to refer to it as "a collection of essays," so as not to leave anyone hanging for months on end, expecting an 'update.' True to form, this entry is the first in nearly a year, finally taking precedence over the opening of a new business in downtown Healdsburg, a whirlwind move to wine country, and a self-planned wedding. And that is the last of the excuses that you'll hear from me.

Rather, I choose to focus on the wonderful coincidence inherent in Tasty Morsels' rebirth: if you look way back to my very first post, you'll remember (or perhaps discover) that it was a trip to live and cook in Spain that spurred its inception. Today, more than 5 years later, it is a return to Spain that reignites these long dormant sparks of inspiration.

Over the next 29 days, Julia & I will travel through Spain, France, and Italy, letting our noses and stomachs lead the way. Highlights include a return to San Sebastian to eat at Restaurant Martin Berasategui; only this time I will don a suit instead of a chef coat, and share conversation with Julia, rather than the abrasive Sany or the abusive Monday. We will also make a trip to San Minato, where Julia lived and worked, for the White Truffle Festival, as well as spend a week living in Sardinia, seeking out local markets and the freshest seafood the island has to offer. Needless to say, "excited" doesn't begin to explain our current states as we count down the minutes to our plane's departure.

And while this post may be lacking the characteristic food porn you've come to know and love from Tasty Morsels, fret not: the forthcoming team effort of Julia's photos and my prose offer the promise that your laptop or tablet will be covered in drool until we fly home in December.

Next stop: Madrid.

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