Thursday, October 22, 2009

I asked, and I recieved.

Okay so I know I posted like 8 hours ago, but we just finished the dinner shift and I felt that within the context of today's previous post, this was necessary.

I wanted less fennel and more action, and I GOT IT. We had a table of 40 tonite; and when the plates require what ours do and the entire table is doing the tasting menu, it means that once the guests arrive and the plating begins, it doesn't stop until dessert is out the door. So things were poppin'. Plates were being passed like hot potatoes, people were hopping over tables, sauces swirled, microgreens placed lightning quick but with the utmost care, waiters flowing constantly like a stream of spawning salmon. It was fuuuuuun.

Best of all, hands were needed everywhere, so I finally got a chance to jump in. I can't say I was the cornerstone of the operation, but at least I was able to get my hands dirty, just like I wanted. Plating everything meant a closer look at all the different dishes, and really starting to learn some more. Plus, it was the first time we were really under pressure since I've been there, and I was loving it. And no fennel in sight.

I also witnessed something that gave me some food for thought. We all know that Sany is constantly berating us, degrading us, calling us useless, idiots, etc. But it's so constant that it gets easy to tune out. Well the guy who runs the pasteleria (desserts), Juan, has always seemed to me like the nicest guy ever. He's always joking with his team, very polite, helpful, sings to himself, etc. Well tonite his team was short 4 desserts when they were plating, which meant they had to take an extra 15 minutes to prep and plate them. Juan LOST IT. He started just going off on his team, screaming, turning red, all but foaming at the mouth. For like, 15 minutes. Without pause.

So it got me thinking. What's better or worse? To have the constant negativity that gets easy to tune out, even though it kinda sucks all the time? Or to have the rosier cozier everyday with that freakout meltdown just waiting to happen... because it will always at happen at some point: people mess up because they're human. I'll leave you with that as I head to bed.

Buenas noches.

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