Sunday, October 4, 2009

1 week down, 9 to go...

So I made it through the first week alive. Gravy.

I have been pushed to my limits, for sure, and interestingly enough, I have already fulfilled 1/2 of my required externship hours. Ridiculous, right? If only my feet didn't feel like they were about to fall off. Seriously, the best part of my day is the moment I take my shoes off. Even thinking about it I get giddy and light-headed.

As I sit now overlooking the plaza, sipping Rioja, I can honestly say I am satisfied with myself thus far. I'd be lying if I said there hadn't been hiccups, but the first week is the hardest for sure, and I got through it relatively unscathed. Next week I move to the 'Primeros Platos' team, which means no more Monday, thank God. And it also means less bitch work and more actual food, learning, plating, etc. So I am pretty excited. But it also means longer hours; c'est la vie, right?

Tomorrow I head to San Sebastian! I am wishing my ass off that the weather replicates today's 85 and sunny, because I am bringing my bathing suit. I plan on spending the day there, maybe even the night.

Almost forgot to mention food (as is my goal each time I post in this blog)... Today's lunch at the restaurant was actually pretty incredible: braised beef cheek, asparagus, mushrooms, baguettes, leftover crab from yesterday's wedding, and these little roasted peppers that are like jalapenos but not spicy. Really delicious, I have to admit.

Alright, time to figure out what I'm doing tonite... option A is pass the f**k out and sleep for 15 hours, option B is head out with my roommates and make tonite an even later nite than last nite. Time will tell...

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  1. My Original Ozer!

    Love the blog; if your cooking is as entertaining as your writing, you are well on your way to culinary stardom. I so hope that you are lovin' every minute of it. (Except the part about being told to fuck off; how rude!)

    I will most certainly be following the continuing saga of my very first nephew, so blog on, young swain!

    Is Ceci the girl that your Mom told me about? I am out of touch with your love life....not that it's actually any of my business, but I am by nature a nosy person.

    Your remarks re culinary delights (especially the glass of Rioja!) are making me drool. Here in the islands and atolls of the Western Pacific, culinary delights are pretty much limited to ice cream. Fresh produce is very limited in assortment and occasional in availability. (This week we have wonderful mandarins, like tangerines, and local bananas and cukes.) There is NO, I repeat NO, fresh meat. I did find a bunch of oysters on the rip-rap along the shore, but no other shellfish. When I steamed them up in their saucer-sized shells, they were small but quite tasty.

    I would KILL for a nice glass of wine and a piece of cheese. Happily, due to the inspired foresight of the galley wench (c'est moi), we are well stocked with rum.

    I have been forced to become creative with canned food, and have even become proficient at baking my own bread. An Australian friend I met in Hilo, Hawaii (where I saw Uncle Russ's boat photo!) gave me some sourdough starter that she got in Mexico and is allegedly 100 years old! (The starter, not my friend.)

    Are you familiar with the TV show "Hell's Kitchen"? I've never seen the show, but a friend of mine won it last season! His name is Danny, & he won a bunch of $$$ and a position as head chef at a new restaurant at Trump Tower in Atlantic City. You kitchen wizards are today's rock stars!

    I miss your cute Ozer face, although you smile down at me from the wall of our forward cabin (a photo form last year's "cousin's week" at Rehoboth). I so look forward to the day I get to sample your talent! In the meantime, I will follow your blog whenever I can log on. Our sailing blog is yours at:

    Kudos to you, sweetie, for grabbing for the brass ring. "The dog that stays on the porch finds no bones." Love you lots! Kaytee-Oze