Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just checking in...

Howdy out there!

I spent the past weekend staying local and catching up on my sleep, and things have been relatively slow at the restaurant due to the lengthening distance from tourist season, so I don't really have all that much to report. That being said, this blog is one of my main connections to my world back home, so I felt it necessary to write at least a little something.

It's really funny how bipolar my eating habits are during the week versus the weekends. During the week, every meal is eaten at the restaurant; and due to the incredibly poor quality of the food served, I tend not to eat much. How poor, you wonder? Let me highlight the worst of the worst for you as far as staff meals are concerned: tongue in tomato sauce... hot dogs in tomato sauce... boiled broccoli and fried beef (nobody knows which cut of beef it actually is)... fried eggs, rice, and soggy bacon... slices of ham, rolled around a piece of cheese, breaded and deep fried... you get the idea. Best of all, every week we eat the same meals, so at this point, very little is appetizing. My best days are when I can snag a handful (quite literally) of French butter from the walk-in to smear on my bread. Mmm, French butter...

Meanwhile, my apartment is almost overflowing with food. Spaghetti with tomatoes and bottarga (tuna roe) last nite... giant pork chops with caramelized apples and mashed potatoes and red wine au jus the nite before... LITERALLY the best empanadas I've ever eaten and ratatouille the nite before that... a small army of pork over 4 courses the nite before that... you get the idea. Most of what I've consumed has been photographed, so the previous weeks have spoken for themselves. I guess I can't really complain because I am eating like Henry the 8th on the weekends, I just wish there were a little more balance!

Other than that, things are still cruising. Today marks the official 'one month left' point, and I must admit, I am looking forward to getting home. Between now and then there will be a trip to Pamplona, one to southern France, one to Morocco, and one to Italy. Speaking of the Morocco trip, anyone wanna come? December 14th thru the 17th; I already bought my ticket and my travel buddy bailed on me, so unless I see any hands raised, I'm hitting Africa alone. No worries though, I love a good adventure...

Anyway, I have to head home and sharpen my knives. I am counting down the days until I see many of you. Oh, and don't forget, just 9 days till my birthday! I suppose I should just go ahead and set up a Paypal account here on the blog so anyone interested can just deposit my gifts directly to me. Just kidding... mostly.

Buenas tardes, muchachos!

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